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Duo Brothers - For Maya 
From the album Duo Brothers 2020 - Shot with a Canon 5D Mark IV – 
Analog lenses: Makinon 135mm + Vivitar Telephoto 300mm -

With the Kind Courtesy of © Éclairages de la Tour Eiffel - Illuminations Pierre Bideau
"For Maya" 2020 with the Kind Courtesy of Duo Brothers.

When eyes tear up

All is a blur

This video was shot during the 3rd Covid19 lockdown in France in February of 2021, in my neighborhood in Châtillon and from my apartment. French people all over the country were only able to go outside for a limited amount of time within a limited perimeter. The Eiffel Tower remained a sign of hope for many Parisians; for many its hourly shimmering served as a Lighthouse and a moment of grace during those complicated time.

Thanks to Aviv Cohen, Jonatan Levy and all members of Duo Brothers.

Note: change settings to 4K

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