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Analog - Canon 514 XL-S + Gaf 415 XLM
Shot on Super 8 Kodak Tri-X 
Hand Processed, Hand Animated, Analog Pre-Editing. 
Digitized and Digital Final Edit.

Processed and animated at l'Etna Collective Lab
Digitized at Family Movie, Paris
Final Edit: Malo Sutra Fish's Bowl

Shot at Le Trianon, Paris, on June 29th 2022 
With the Kind Courtesy of Le Trianon, Paris.
"Scum Show" track, with the Kind Courtesy of OSEES, Castle Face Records.
Many thanks to JPD, Paul, Dan, Tim and Tomas, as well as Delaney, Buzz and everyone at Castle Face Records, Vedettes Booking, and Chriss Gioanni and all the team of Le Trianon for making this possible. Many thanks to Bryan Klotz for his precious advice. 
All copyrights reserved 

A Foul Form Album
Osees – Castle Face Records

Youtube link

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Moviate Underground Film Festival - 2023.png

Straight 8 Competition 2022
Parisian Parallel Paris, Fr - April & 
May 2022

Super8 - Canon 514XL-S - Kodak 250D Vision 3 - Shot in Paris, France
The soundtrack samples a live performance by Baptiste-Florian M
ARLE-OUVRARD of Debussy's Clair de Lune, at Saint-Eustache Church.
Copyrights granted with the kind courtesy of Mr. Marle-Ouvrard.

This short film focuses on a Parisian cultural and architectural rarity: the number of churches and cinemas present in the city; drawing this parallel that despite being major historical cultural landmarks, both are at risk of disappearing in a near future.

This film was made for Straight 8 2022, shot on kodak 250D Vision 3, in one take - no editing - blind soundtrack. 

All copyrights reserved. 2022

Many thanks to:
Cinemas:  Ecoles Cinéma Club, La Filmothèque, Le Médicis, Le Cinéma du Panthéon, L'Arlequin.
Churches: Eglise Saint Eustache, Eglise Saint Nicolas Du Chardonnet, Eglise Saint Séverin, Eglise Saint-Julien-Le-Pauvre, Eglise Saint Sulpice

Special thanks to: Quentin Farella from l'Arlequin, to the team of Ecoles Cinéma Club, Cathy Bouvard from Le Médicis who let me in their cinemas and gave me great advice.
Last but certainly not least, many many thanks to Baptiste-Florian Marle-Ouvrard for letting me record his live performance at Eglise Saint Eustache which provided the best soundtrack to this film. 

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