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Works of Female Artists Living with Epilepsy

The Epileptic Eye Exhibition Flux Factory Governors Island
OCTBER Digital Flyer The Epileptic Eye.png


Photography Series:

Them Mean Sisters / Japan Series - Malo Sutra Fish

Lighthouses - Cintamani Calise

Foreign Ages - Sally Cinnamon


Chairs series - Cristina Breazu

Lamictal 100mg - Cristina Breazu


This Little Light Of Mine (2021) - Malo Sutra Fish

On an Island, A Lighthouse (2018) - Cintamani Calise

Foreign Ages (2021) - Sally Cinnamon

Scum Show - OSEES (2022) - Malo Sutra Fish

Pale Blue Eyes - The Kills (2012) - Sally Cinnamon + Maia Lee-Thomas (Editor assistant)



Artist Talk - Opening September 9th - 3pm + special Super8 screening




October 13, 14, 15th

October 20, 21, 22nd

October 28 & 29th

Meet   The  Artists

Malo Sutra Fish

Malo Sutra Fish

French artist based in Paris and in NYC, she is a member of the collective film lab l’Etna, Paris.

Photographer and filmmaker, she also has extensive experience in film production and distribution, publishing, art distribution export strategies.


Her films have been selected in many festivals around the world including: Vienna Shorts, Tous Courts, Portland Film Festival, Oregon Independent Film Festival, Antimatter, Nancy Film Festival, Harkat 16, Moviate, DarkRoom.

She is the curator and producer of this exhibition. 

Cintamani Calise

Cintamani Calise

Cintamani is a visual artist and filmmaker based in Portland, Oregon and Spello, Italy.

Her basis in music photography and an education in film and fine arts from London combine a dramatic and intimate lens that has developed into a cinematic project-based multimedia format.

She has exhibited in The Foundry in London, England, as well as FalseFront Gallery, Gloss Gallery, Redux Annex, and Black Book in Portland, Oregon.

Her work as a producer also received acclaim.

Sally Cinnamon

Sally Cinnamon

Sally Cinnamon is an award-winning experimental filmmaker and photographer with a particular emphasis on super 8 film, music videos, expanded cinema, projection installations, and vinyl.


She is also a writer, musician, inventor, production manager, dancer, and former member of the circus.


Her experience in animation production spans the 2D commercial series and features world, production managing, voice directing, and working in business development for NBCUniversal, Warner Bros, Netflix, Nickelodeon, PBS, Dreamworks, and many more

Cristina Breazu

Cristina Breazu

Cristina was born in Bucharest and now lives in Paris. She graduated from the National University of Film and Television in Bucharest, Romania with a BA in Film Studies and Screenwriting.


Her work includes animations for indie music bands from the UK, embroidery on postcards and on fabrics. She is currently working on original tapestry designs, experimenting with different colours, shapes and textures.


She also teaches a crochet class at Pierre Claver, non-profit organization in Paris that helps refugees integrate in France.

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